February 22nd 2016

AdWords Remarketing: Our Free Starter Guide

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Free AdWords Remarketing Guide

Our free 27 page AdWords Remarketing Guide written by the One Net Marketing Team provides a comprehensive look at remarketing, the technology, best practices, mistakes to avoid, and best use of this technology in customer acquisition.

You’ll discover:

  • How remarketing can help SaaS companies increase product trials.
  • How remarketing technology actually works.
  • Case studies of successful remarketing campaigns—and why they worked.

Download the PDF

One Guide to Remarketing – By One Net Marketing

What is remarketing?

Visitors rarely buy the first time they see your marketing or visit your website. According to data from Microsoft, only 3 % of visitors convert after the first time visiting your site and 97 % visitors leave without taking any action.

Remarketing, a relatively new digital ad technology that allows you to re-target visitors after they leave your website, has been gaining use among digital marketers for its ability to improve brand recognition, increase click-through-rates, and lower cost-per-acquisition.

Remarketing is particularly effective for:

Smaller brands that can’t spend millions on brand awareness campaigns. Remarketing allows you to more carefully target your display advertising to a list of qualified prospects. You can still build your brand—but to the customers that matter.

Remarketing can help dramatically lift product trials and keep your brand top-of-mind as users research your competitors. This makes it an excellent tactic for software and SaaS companies.

For B2B companies, remarketing helps to accelerate the prospect’s purchase path, moving them from not recognizing your brand to the assurance that you are a leading player in the market.

Remarketing can help recover abandoned shopping cart purchases and lower new customer acquisition costs by as much as 22% (data from Google), making it profitable for ecommerce sites.

For entertainment companies, remarketing can be used to sell premium subscriptions. You can target the users that consume regular content—and entice them in with special promotions or free trials.

For web-based businesses, remarketing can help drive upsells to existing customers—targeting your fans and customers with tailored advertising based on their browsing preferences.

Why use remarketing?

In the past, online marketing was dominated by direct response. The evolution of digital has progressed to a more nuanced understanding of the customer journey and how people come to buy online.

Remarketing is an important piece of this puzzle as it can help to combine branded and direct response advertising into a single, powerful display ad sequence.

About the Authors:

One Net Marketing is a digital agency. We help our clients get leads and sales using inbound marketing, video creation, and direct response. Our clients include SaaS companies, digital retailers, and B2C content sites in Australia, China, Japan, New York, California, and the U.K.

We live and work in Victoria, BC – a short painless flight to San Francisco.

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