August 16th 2015

Big Summer of Growth, Funding, and Acquisitions for Our Clients

Image Dylan Touhey

It's been a big summer for many of our clients. Google acquisitions, product launches, growth, and lots of funding announcements.

Here are a few highlights from our summer work.

Our Client Wildfire + Google

In June, we worked around the clock (actually the video team worked sleepless nights, the rest of us slept quite well) to create the product launch video and player for the anticipated new Wildfire social marketing suite.

But the real news came after our product video and launch. Our client Wildfire was acquired by Google for a reported $250 million.

The future looks pretty exciting with some Google power behind an already awesome set of enterprise-level social media tools. To view the product video we created for Google's Wildfire app, [click here (they send the video to you after a lead form)].

FreeMonee receives $34m in funding

Our new client, a game-changing technology making some innovative leaps forward in the direct marketing space, hit the summer running with $34 million in funding.

Led by former Senior Execs from eBay, Oracle, Visa, and Google, FreeMonee is powering a new form of consumer incentives to drive retail sales.

Similar to how Google's complex algorithms uncover a perfect match from billions of results, FreeMonee's patented Gift Underwriting Engine delivers an irresistible match between merchant and the consumer most likely to respond and purchase. It's a new way to boost retail sales and increase customer loyalty without brand-eroding coupons and discounted daily deals.

FreeMonee has been getting a ton of mainstream press lately, including coverage in the Wall Street Journal, AdWeek, and USA Today.

Right now, One Net Marketing is creating for FreeMonee a new web presence and developing an in-bound marketing program.

This round is more than triple the initial $11 million 2010 Series A round and brings the company's total raise to $45 million. The new funding will fuel [FreeMonee’s rapid expansion.]

Triple digit growth for Impact Radius's marketing software

We've been working with Impact Radius for a few years now.

This year, they earned [a well-deserved 300% growth] in new customer acquisitions. Revenue from new business, compared to the same period for the year prior, also increased by triple digit percentages.

Impact Radius offers turn-key software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products that are used to comprehensively track conversions—from offline media to mobile ads to call centers.

This means your business team can do fancy technical stuff without involving the IT department—like set-up unique tracking, user friendly , measure the ROI social media, and track all of your offline and online campaign efforts in one, intuitive dashboard.

Within the last year Impact Radius has signed 16 new agencies (similar to One Net Marketing) and saw 400 new performance-based marketing campaigns launch on their platform in 54 countries. To meet demand, 15 new hires were added to the organization during the twelve-month period.

We help Impact Radius with SEO, video production, web development, in-bound marketing, online PR, and positioning. acquired by Groupon

Before the summer, . You can read more about that acquisition and how Uptake is making travel advice go social 

We helped Uptake with social media campaigns and strategy. lands major partnership with Thompson-Reuters – a time tracking and billing management tool designed for lawyers, freelancers and CPAs – will soon be integrated with the new Thompson Reuters law firm practice management suite titled thanks to some impressive growth and a world-class integration proposal written by the One Net Marketing team.

This is eBillity's second major platform integration after the successful launch on the  in Oct 2011.

Critical to landing the deal with Thomson-Reuters was a top knotch customer support team and a full service digital marketing department provided by your favourite agency – One Net Marketing.

Over the next few months we'll be working closely with eBillity and Thomson-Reuters to re-vamp the web app, and re-design the UI, to fit seamlessly into the Workbench software suite.

We'll continue to support eBillity's growth within the Workbench environment with co-branded landing pages, email campaigns, web development and design services all this while maintaining a steady flow of new customers to via Paid Search, SEO, Video Production, Content Marketing and Display Advertising campaigns.

More advanced resources to grow your company?

One Net Marketing specializes in helping small to mid-sized tech and SaaS companies grow traffic, users and sales. In the process we might even help you increase your company's valuation and get acquired : )

 directly and we'll send you some special advanced resources on using direct response and in-bound marketing to position and grow your company.

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