January 3rd 2018

Email, work that ROI!

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Who is using email?

Think about how many email accounts you have alone. I imagine you have one for personal use, one for work, and maybe even one for junk mail—it’s okay, we’ve all been there. Nearly one quarter of Americans actively use 3 email accounts and 35% use two (Mapp Digital, 2016). There were 4.1 billion email accounts across the world in 2015 and that number has continued to grow (Mapp Digital, 2016).

And with the rise of smartphones, we check our email everywhere too!

Yes, everywhere.

45% of people have even checked their phone in the bathroom (Adobe, 2016). Have you? I have. The psychologist in me knows this number should be higher too. (If people answered surveys honestly it would be, so don’t be shy—I just fessed up!)

Two years ago, countless articles predicted the death of email but it looks like it’s clearly still here! Not just still here, but here with the strongest ROI by marketing channel (Adestra, 2016).

In recognition of this, spending on email marketing continues to rise and is expected to break 3 billion in the US alone by 2019:

Now that email is here to stay, how can we get the most out of it?

The Heavy Lifting

One of email’s strengths is its compatibility with other channels.

We launched a campaign on social media recently for a client starting from email that sent people to Facebook to engage. The participation was far beyond our expectations! Social media marketing has the second best integration for ROI in email so give it a shot! Email also plays well with online marketing, advertising mail, telemarketing and mobile marketing.

As you can see, the most popular integration channel is online marketing. This would include blog round-ups! Have you ever signed up for weekly emails from your favourite company or news source so they could send you the ‘best of’ from their blog for the past week? I have. This is an easy and popular way to provide content to your users and keep them engaged with your brand.

One of my favourite email newsletters that does this well is InVision. They’ve already made content for the week and this is an easy they reuse the content and redistribute it to their users. They link out to the most popular posts, give them clever CTAs and send them out every Tuesday morning.

You might not have a content team the size of InVision’s to send out weekly blog post round-ups, but you can always send things out monthly or quarterly too. It’s an easy way to nurture your users!

Socially acceptable segmentation

Our increasingly socially cognizant society will tell you to stop putting people in boxes, but I would argue that your email campaigns are an exception.

Are you segmenting your emails or are you sending batch n’ blasts to everyone on your list?

72% of email marketers in the UK used some form of segmentation in 2016—so obviously segmentation is being implemented across industries (Adestra, 2016).

However, the number one goal for email marketers in North America for 2017 and 2018 remains to use data to better personalize emails to meet business goals (Retail TouchPoints, 2017).

So where are we not measuring up? Most of us are doing it, but we obviously also feel like we’re not doing as much as we could be. So how can we better customize our emails?

A great example of excellent customization in the ecommerce realm is from Bonobos, a men’s clothing store. When they send you their email campaigns they look at your purchase history to see what size you buy, then customize the CTA accordingly. (You ladies out there will know this would only work for a men’s clothing store, so just make sure you know what works with your audience before customizing.)

Think about the data you have on hand about your users and put it to work! Sometimes it’s just as simple as a different CTA, subject line, or image. And remember, with increased customization there’s more room for error so double-checkeverything!

The future of email

89% of people surveyed in the UK believe email will still be here in twenty years by 2036. Unfortunately cash and passports are less likely to make the cut. #sorrynotsorry!

Since email seems to be here to stay for now, where do you think it’s heading?

Here’s what I think we’ll see more of:

  • Segmentation and customization
  • Increased use of GIFs
  • Interactive emails
  • Microsites in email
  • E-commerce in email

What are you looking to do in email this year? Give us a shout and we’d love to start a conversation!

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