September 28th 2017

From street fighting to illustration; our graphic design intern.

Image Brianne Dromey

One Net had the opportunity in August to do something we don't normally do—work with a graphic design intern! Our newest (and most enthusiastic) team member, Alisa, joined us for a whirlwind month of new projects, concept sessions, and creative freedom.

Alisa knew she was interested in drawing from a young age. It all started in the middle of a fierce Street Fighter battle at the arcade when something caught her eye, causing her to pause. She looked more closely at the characters on the screen and thought, "Hey! That artwork is cool!" Naturally this was a turning point for her. When she got home she whipped out a pencil and paper and the rest is history.

Years later, the summer before her last year of high school, an opportunity with the Pacific Design Academy opened up. She eagerly signed up for a month of condensed design training and intern placement; not really knowing what to expect.

Enter One Net.

Nicole, our Creative Director, snatched up Alisa for our work placement and she was ours for a month! We put her to work moodboarding, designing sales templates, analyzing client competitors, mastering Sketch and whatever else we could squeeze into four weeks.

At the end of her internship we grilled her with nosy questions and took covert photos of her to feature on our blog (with her permission)! Here's what Alisa had to say about her experience.

What surprised you most about your experience at One Net?

I think what surprised me the most was how much creative freedom I was given. I was simply given an objective and some guidance and I was free to find my own solutions. Very different from my experience in high school where they spell things out for you.

What was your favourite project that you worked on?

My favourite was definitely the One Net Sales Deck. It was the first project I worked on that I was able to really dive into and I learned a lot from the feedback I was given. I loved how rather than receiving snarky backhanded comments about my first draft, I actually received really constructive feedback so I was able to try again and get it right the second time.

Has this experienced shaped where you want to go with design?

Definitely! I came into this work placement experience thinking I wanted to pursue illustration. It's where my love of design began years ago. However, after my time here I'm not so sure it's where I want to start a career anymore. I've really come to enjoy graphic design at One Net and now I need to have a talk with myself to see which path I want to take.

Tell me about your favourite memory here at One Net.

I remember on my first day I was so surprised when the door to the roof unexpectedly burst open and animal control appeared asking, "Anyone heard about a large husky wandering around on the roof?" Pepper had gotten out and someone had called animal control! It was funny because after he left Michael told me, "If they come around again, just pretend you don't know English." It was a great first day. I used to be scared of big dogs but Pepper is so sweet and I loved having her in the office.

"Alisa was very open to learning new things and never turned down an opportunity to help out with a project. She came into One Net with an open mind and I think she went out with a lot of valuable skills one would not learn in school, especially high school. She was very sweet, and working with her was easy. You could tell she was trying to soak up as much information as possible and was always trying to produce her best work." - Adrienne, Production Designer

Needless to say we loved having Alisa with us. She brought a fresh, young air of enthusiasm to the office and she was a pleasure to work with. We're glad she enjoyed her time with us and we know she'll go on to do amazing things!

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October 11th 2017

WANTED: Actors for lightly comedic automotive service video

One Net Inc. is looking for actors (speaking and non-speaking) that can help us flesh out a few fun scenes at a generic car dealership. Specifically, customers and vehicle service centre customer service agents.

Image Carol-Lynne Michaels
March 21st 2017

ONN: One down, many more to go!

One Net recently launched a new quarterly program that allows us to work for people in our own backyard. This is important to us because while we live, work, play and create in Victoria BC, most of our clients are in completely different time zones.

Image Carol-Lynne Michaels
August 30th 2016


Earlier this month, our Transmedia Director Nicole was invited to give a talk at UX Week 2016 in San Francisco.

Image Deanna Ladret