May 4th 2013

One Net Labs Launches Found Love

Image Beth Parker

One Net Labs, the transmedia division of One Net Marketing, is excited to announce the launch of Found Love ; an interactive experience designed augment the award winning documentary

Transmedia storytelling, as defined by the Wikipedia, is the technique of telling a single story, or a story experience, across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies. In transmedia a users may start with a TV episode and immerse themselves into a sub-plot, or derivative story, delivered exclusively inside a mobile game or graphic novel.

Transmedia is not to be confused with traditional cross-platform which is simply the re-factoring of content for different devices.

FoundLove is our first transmedia project launching today (May 03) in conjunction with the New York theatrical release of Occupy Love; a film by Velcrow Ripper (Scared Sacred, Fierce Light) which connects the dots in this era of rapidly evolving social change.

"We live in a world of multiple screens operating on many platforms. To stay connected and engaged with your audience you must design exciting content and interactions with your customers that can be consumed by the user as they hop between devices and mediums." says Creative Director Nicole Sorochan.

Transmedia is about building story that is delivered across multiple platforms such as mobile, web, print and television. Story can be delivered in multiple mediums including video, games, graphic novels and books all of which are delivered digitally to the end user.

Transmedia projects are designed to give afterlife to films and television shows and immerses audiences with tangential content as they move from device to device. For brands and products, transmedia is as effective for branding and advertising as it is for film and television. Best of all it can be measured using multi-channel attribution — a fancy form of Analytics that tells us how and where users are engaging with content and more importantly how those engagement effect sales.

Found Love is an interactive experience that combines film, television, mobile and web to create a movement ignited by the story of love, community and interdependence in Occupy Love.

" With most cinematic experiences, the viewers sits, consumes and leaves. For the most part the story ends when the viewer leaves the theater or closes their Netflix browser. Found Love was designed to give an afterlife to the Occupy Love's narrative of love, community and interdependence. With the mobile apps viewers can become part of the movement by capturing love and sharing it with the world. The website provides the virtual community – a collection of love from around the globe. And, we use social media to distribute clips, and behind the scene interviews, that didn't make the final cut."

Found Love is not a parasitic campaign riding the coattail of an award winning documentary. It's a welcomed partnership highly endorsed by the Occupy Love film team and it's expected to make an impact on VOD and DVD sales, while simultaneously driving demand for broadcast and theatrical screenings.

One Net labs will be rolling out more exciting transmedia projects over the next year. We are staffed with writers, video producers, programmers, designers, marketers and analysts; all the essential ingredients needed to design, create, launch and measure transmedia campaigns under one roof.

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November 26th 2016

Where art + politics play: the journey to North through South.

Over three years ago I was asked by the inspirational filmmaker Nettie Wild, and Producer-mentor Betsy Carson to help with the digital companion piece for their film KONELĪNE:our land beautiful.

Image Nicole Sorochan
November 13th 2016

Released: Amplify HER trailer!!

Yesterday, Ten One Films released the official trailer for Amplify HER – the film that inspired our Amplify HER storyworld. Watch the trailer, get excited and share, share, share!

Image Deanna Ladret
August 30th 2016


Earlier this month, our Transmedia Director Nicole was invited to give a talk at UX Week 2016 in San Francisco.

Image Deanna Ladret