March 21st 2017

ONN: One down, many more to go!

Image Carol-Lynne Michaels

One Net recently launched a new quarterly program that allows us to work for people in our own backyard. This is important to us because while we live, work, play and create in Victoria BC, most of our clients are in completely different time zones. There are so many organizations working to make our community a better place to live, and we want to give back in a meaningful, useful way.

And so One Net Nights was born

Once a quarter, One Net hosts three local not-for-profit or charity organizations in our board room. We assemble a panel of experts from our team and the greater tech and design community to help the analyze and plan solutions for issues that are holding these organizations back from reaching their full potential. Each organization brings a different problem to the table within the realm of tech, digital marketing or design.

Everyone gets a turn at the table with our panel of experts, and we review the issue and get started on solutions right away. One of the great things about One Net Nights is that everyone's in the room for all three sessions, so there is an opportunity to learn from others' problems and experiences.

What went down in March

Our first run at One Net Nights happened March 21st and it was a heartwarming success! We got to meet a few of the hardworking people behind the scenes of the Greater Victoria Police Victim Services, Victoria Health Co-op, and Victoria Hospice.

The common theme amongst everyone was they all had a website problem or two, which can be a big deal for organizations who have limited resources and capacity. But by the time they left the office, they had a much clearer understanding of how to fix their issue. Success!

We walked our participants through content management systems, social media integrations, Google Analytics and more. Each participant received a "One Net Nights Roadmap" after the session. The roadmap outlines the topics discussed and maps out an action plan for them to take back to implement at work.

What's next?

Everyone is looking forward to the next round of One Net Nights. If this is something you think you'd want to apply to, or participate in as a knowledge provider, get in touch with us! The upcoming dates for 2017 are posted on the website at . Help us spread the word!

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October 11th 2017

WANTED: Actors for lightly comedic automotive service video

One Net Inc. is looking for actors (speaking and non-speaking) that can help us flesh out a few fun scenes at a generic car dealership. Specifically, customers and vehicle service centre customer service agents.

Image Carol-Lynne Michaels
September 28th 2017

From street fighting to illustration; our graphic design intern.

One Net had the opportunity in August to do something we don’t normally do—work with a graphic design intern! Our newest (and most enthusiastic) team member, Alisa, joined us for a whirlwind month of new projects, and more.

Image Brianne Dromey
August 30th 2016


Earlier this month, our Transmedia Director Nicole was invited to give a talk at UX Week 2016 in San Francisco.

Image Deanna Ladret