June 26th 2016

Startup Videos: 10 excellent examples to inspire your next video

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is the value of an online video? We've created videos for major tech companies that have generated thousands of leads and contributed millions in new sales. Like good design or UI, video is definitely a marketing investment that can pay out well.

According to Comcore, a viewer is up 64-85% more likely to buy a product after watching a video. A study by PRweb shows 80% of marketers use video in their campaigns and 52% use them in their email campaigns.

At One Net Marketing, we love creating videos for start-ups, product launches, and helping tech companies present their products in the best light with animation and live footage.

Here are 10 startup videos we found to help inspire your company. Some of these videos we created for our clients; others we just love and wanted to share.

Enjoy the videos!

Why videos work for leads and sales

To start, we have an excellent video covering the value of videos to your business. It explains how videos influence click-through rates, increase your conversions, and help people trust your company.

The Sizzle Reel

Sizzle reels are often called many things: pitch reel, demo reel, promo video or explainer video.

But they always have one purpose. A sizzle reel introduces and advocates your companies' product or software to potential customers.

Here is an example of an infographic inspired style sizzle reel It pulls together visuals and statistics in a fun and persuasive way.

The Demo

These videos are a hand's on demonstration of the how, where and on what device customers would use your product.

This product demo nicely frames someone using a mobile app in real time.

Increasing Sales and Retention with Tutorial Videos

These types of videos explain how to navigate and complete tasks in software through screencasts and instructional narration.

Tutorial videos affirm your commitment to making sure customers get the most out of your product. To increase free to paid conversions for SaaS companies, make sure your tutorial videos work both to teach your users how to use your product, as well as show the user how to get the most value out of your features.

Advanced tips: planning your sizzle reel

The sizzle reel is really the most important startup video. Here are some more details about the planning and video production process.


What exactly do you want to say with your video? Use your product or company's key messaging as a foundation to build your story upon.

Know Your Audience

Who exactly will be watching this video? While a viral video garners a lot of views, that does not guarantee conversions.

Focus on crafting your video for your prospective customers and tell them what they'd like to know.

Style with Purpose

Find a style that works to support your story and entice your audience.

Style and Story Structures for Startup Videos

Meet Character "X"

Here's an example of a sizzle reel where you meet Character "X" who has a problem "Y" that product "Z" eliminates. These videos showcase common industry problems and highlight the solutions product "Z" offers.

Live Action

This example uses live action as well motion graphics to introduce their product in the same Meet "X" story structure as the previous video.


This video nicely explains a social learning platform in a lively style that sells high-level features in a succinct matter.

Stop Motion

Here is an example of a stop motion video that One Net marketing created for Spirent Axon's product launch. Stop motion is a palpable, visually charming medium that can simplify the explanation of an elaborate product.

Demo + Sizzle + Tutorial

The video shows viewers what a product looks like while in use in the physical world. Marketing videos can combine product demos, tutorials into their sizzle reel to bolster the context of their software used in everyday life.


A tutorial video is made with the pre-existing customer in mind. Customers want to be shown how they can use your product, amend any problems they've been having and see what new features you've added to your software. Keep it short and to the point.

This tutorial done by One Net Marketing, demonstrates a single function of eBillity software by highlighting and zooming in on areas of importance.

One Net Marketing completed this video for Thomson Reuters and demonstrates the eBillity product throughout the video on several devices in different locations.

See more startup video examples:

Click the link below to see One Net Marketing's full list of videos we have created for startups, tech companies, and enterprise IT software companies.

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