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The design process can be both fascinating and frustrating. Two people can interpret the same thing entirely differently depending on their personal bias and lens. This becomes especially problematic when trying to communicate the value of an abstract, albeit sometimes threatening technology. What may look like a grand achievement to some, looks like higher unemployment rates to others.

When HyperScience approached us to create a website that would introduce their artificial intelligence (AI) startup to the world, we knew we were in for an exciting challenge.


Free your office with AI.

HyperScience is a group of incredibly talented engineers whose goal is to automate office work using AI so that a company’s most valuable asset—its employees—are free to handle more complex tasks. Their complex algorithms can eliminate manual data entry and repetitive tasks like sorting through applications or forms, often at higher-than-human accuracy.

They wanted their new website to serve as a touch point for CEOs and VPs to visit to see what services they have to offer and how it would help their organization.

Our Strategy


Walking a delicate line.

There’s nothing quite like a new website design project to expose conflicting opinions and assumptions about any company’s process and messaging.

HyperScience was a nimble group of startup geniuses who received funding to launch three new AI products. However, like most emerging companies, their website redesign was an opportunity to revisit their messaging and positioning. We were able to jump right in and feel their growing pains with them.

We needed to approach the subject of AI in a sensitive way, while also establishing credibility and positioning HyperScience against their competitors. It was important to be careful not to make AI seem too futuristic. The futuristic angle is overdone in the marketplace; plus, AI isn’t even a futuristic concept anymore—it’s happening today.

So which products and brand positioning would support the complex idea of AI in a clear, non threatening way? As with any bold, new technology, the key is to empower people with the message, not incite fear.

The Research:

Getting our ducks in position.

Our team began developing the campaigns by looking at search trends and deep site analytics. We ensured that we implemented hyper-targeted ads across multiple search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc). This allowed us to reach their enterprise buyers and influence them across the B2B vendor evaluation process.

We begin every project with thorough competitor analysis and positioning. We discover the angle that best suits the client’s business goals—either taken from their existing market positioning, or an exercise we conduct ourselves—and we propose two different approaches for the final product in what we call our Vision Document. We presented this document to HyperScience to give them a chance to provide feedback on our concepts before we set off full speed ahead.

Our Vision

The Direction:

The art of subtlety.

It took us a few tries to reach a concept the client truly loved, but in the end, we did it. We used simple, clean design to show their complex AI products rather than unnatural stock photography or other abstract, ‘stealthy’ imagery. This helps sell the product in a non-threatening way that spares the user from the drama often conveyed by other artificial intelligence sites. Subtle animations were added throughout the website to invite users to go deeper or to emphasize important information.

Our favourite Easter egg on the website was the time warp toggle. As a nod to HyperScience’s youthfulness and sense of humour, we added a switch that changes the website design back to how it would have looked in 1984, or ahead to how.

It might look in 2045. Not only was this a fun way to engage with users, but toggling back to ‘today’ reaffirms that AI is today. It shows how far technology has come in 33 years, but also how far it will go in a non-threatening way. It normalizes AI by placing it in the middle of the two extremes and makes users more comfortable with the idea of implementing it in their office or business.

The website was a huge hit with HyperScience and continues to successfully serve as a touchpoint for prospects looking to adapt AI in their workplaces.

Our Solution


The Moral of the Story

One good thing leads to another.

Collaboration is always at the heart of everything we do at One Net and it’s never a surprise when a great relationship develops! That’s why we were honored to work many sleepless nights on a second website to help several leaders of the Kik team launch their newest vision: Kin cryptocurrency.

We’re looking forward to helping Kik continue to change the way we communicate with their constant drive for innovation—not just with the end customer in mind, but with society as a whole.

“Wanted to extend a big thank you… for all of your help in getting our new website done! You [were] really great to work with and I think you did an amazing job. It’s now up on and we’re getting a bunch of traffic.”

- Tim Kalimov, Business Development, Hyperscience

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