KIN website and ICO

Project launch
September 7, 2020

One Net hits another tight deadline to launch ICO site for Kik. In just 2 weeks One Net wrote, designed and coded an ICO site for Kik to announce it's brand new token KIN to the world. The website became the backbone for a token drive that netted Kik a $100M ICO.

It was a last minute entry into the Token Summit conference that caused the scramble. With multiple stakeholders across 4 languages, a partial product vision, an unformed oversight committee and no visual identity, One Net took over to crystalize the value proposition, define the P2P crypto token and it's complicated rewards engine and communicate the ICO plan to the rest of the world. In less than 2 weeks we wrote, designed, coded and iterated on kin.org to ensure Kik was ready for the big announcement on May 25, 2017.