Dylan Touhey

Co-Founder & CMO

Whatever his destination, if Dylan goes there once, he can get there again. And that sense of direction extends to his vision as the Founder and CMO at One Net Agency. His natural ability to align teams around a shared objective lets him look ahead to meet a rapidly changing marketing landscape with the right tools and focus. He has a special love for helping startups grow and lives to help align executives on a cohesive strategy. 

With over 20 years of experience helping brands like Lenovo, Rhapsody and Verizon to acquire new customers, Dylan’s history across roles like Account Director at ValueClick Inc and later founding One Net, has always maintained a focus on creating future proof solutions. He’s known for helping clients look forward, but he’s surprisingly good at driving backwards too—a 5km record to be exact. On weekends he likes to explore the steepest snow peaks in North America on his snowboard.