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We don't hunt unicorns. Not everything is a problem. One Net Capital is a small PE venture fund for passionate inclusive founders looking to solve problems or entertain at scale.


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Unlocking the potential of video games to treat mental health at scale.

Common questions

Are you a VC?

No. We do not have LPs. Think of us as an angel investor with serious marketing and customer acquisition horsepower. We deploy our own capital which allows us to make quick decisions and accept higher risk at an earlier stage.

Will you exchange services for equity?

For the right fit we will invest cash + services. When exchanging services for equity we charge full agency rate and we'll ask for options at a discounted strike price, or a SAFE.

Do you only invest in Canada?

We'll invest outside of Canada for the right market opportunity and team. That said, we are not a VC with a huge legal team. Therefore, we avoid unfamiliar and unregulated markets such as Russia, India and China.

What is your cheque size?

Typically, we're investing between $25-$100k with capital reserved for follow-on rounds.

What is your investment theme?

We are sector agnostic. That said, we tend to gravitate towards industries that we have experience acquiring customers in as well as vertical SaaS categories that our agency uses. If you look at our case studies you'll see a common trend of B2B SaaS, FinTech, digital entertainment (not adult), media and metaverse. If you look at our capabilities page you'll get a sense of the SaaS tools and technology that we use.

If I take investment from One Net, do I have to use your agency?

All our investments come with a right of first refusal. This means our agency gets the first opportunity for agency work. That said, we understand how precious cash is to an early-stage startup. We're not out to recoup investment dollars by charging for services. We'll often reject your agency work and point you to lower-cost freelancers or agencies. Or, we'll take on the critical items (positioning, branding, launch site) and help you outsource the rest.

Do you take a board seat?

No. Our time is better spent helping our portfolio companies with branding, marketing and customer acquisition opposed to operations. We will however consider an advisor position. Often our portfolio companies benefit by adding us to their Seed and Series A pitch decks to strengthen the GTM slide.

When should we pitch you?

We like to invest early. We'll take pitches from energetic founders who have a corporate entity, a prototype and a grasp on the market they intend to capitalize on. You don't need revenue but you should have some traction, or early validation of your product's demand.

What type of founders do you invest in?

We're not hunting unicorns and we don't require founders to have prior exits. We are primarily interested in companies that have at least one technical founder with a cap table that shows a balanced ownership among founders. We look for passionate teams who deeply understand their market and are fully committed to scaling a company. Bonus points if you've adopted Zebra tenets or have an underrepresented founder.

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