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There’s an unspoken bond that connects Canadians globally. It’s a certain, “Hey, do you know so-and-so?” or the understated suitcase tag with a Canada flag. The C100 needed our help to capture this “je ne sais quoi” in an updated brand and website to maximize applications. We jumped in to make it happen.

The opportunity

Connecting a Canadian community

C100 is a worldwide community where Canada’s best thinkers and doers in tech come to connect. From CEOs of prestigious companies like Sonos or Instacart, to General Partners at investment firms and founders of emerging startups, the C100 is a unique network of Canadians at home and abroad.

Their team came to us because they wanted to elevate their brand and mission with consistent branding across events and digital platforms. They needed to attract new members, subscribers, and optimize the site to increase applications coming in.

Old logo

Refreshed logo

Our Strategy

The challenge

Conquering old assumptions

The C100 came to us with history, but that history came with a series of deeply rooted beliefs and assumptions that held despite progress within the organization. What may have started as a Bay-centric community of 100 Canadian founders had long ago evolved into something more. Public perception needed to evolve too.

Our task was to modernize the website to appeal to all Canadians in tech, anywhere in the world. We needed to cast a wider net to maximum conversions.

The research

Breaking down the audience

If we were going to appeal to this broad audience, we needed to get to know them. What did they love about the C100? What did they wish were different? And we needed to segment them into more manageable audiences so we could tailor their messaging.

We ended up creating a segmented survey to three audiences: charter members, regular members, and prospective members in the community. We also cross-segmented that across founders, operators, and investors.

In the surveys, we discovered what drew each audience to the C100, how they liked to connect with each other, and what programs they thought were the most valuable. We also uncovered some negative perceptions too that we could help to combat. In the end, we had the data we needed to establish a series of personas that we could speak to directly.

The direction

The Canadian glow

We quickly learned that it was the quality of members that set the C100 apart. People wanted to see who was a part of the organization and feel connected to other Canadians doing incredible work in technology.

With this in mind, we decided to focus on the members in our storytelling. We paired that with a unique ‘Canadian glow’ in the branding to convey their warmth and familiarity when connecting. We also extended their branding to include sub brands for flagship programs and events for a consistent look moving forward.

To maximize applications, we reworked the sitewide navigation to send more visitors to the application page. Then, we reviewed the moment of conversion for each audience from the surveys to optimize the application page with the information each audience needed to convert while there.

Our Solution

The results

Paving the way for applications


increase in CVR


increase in site engagement time


new branding assets


faster page load

The moral of the story

Beyond the website

A brand is more than a website. The C100 saw the value in having a consistent brand presence from their new site across all touchpoints. From in-person events to social media and their presentation decks, they wanted their new elevated branding to truly shine.

In the end, we added video bumpers, event collateral and an extended colour palette to support brand consistency moving forward.

"We are absolutely loving the new C100 brand and website. Thank you very much for all your hard and exceptional work. We are singing your praises every time someone mentions the new brand and site!”

– Lauren Howe, Member Experience at C100