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We're actively buying agencies doing $200,000 - $2,000,000 annually in these service areas.


You have a repeatable process for SEO keyword research, keyword testing, on-page implementation, and rank monitoring. You have demonstrated understanding of topical authority and have examples of advanced white hat SEO techniques, including rich snippets, internal linking, canonical URLs, reverse proxies, SEO keyword attribution, and hopefully more we don’t know about. 

Content marketing

Your agency understands the B2B purchase funnel and can create holistic content strategies that move prospects from awareness to action. Your team has a fundamental grasp of SEO and understands how to leverage SEO data to create and publish informative and entertaining content, both on domain and off.

Media buying

Your agency has deep expertise in media planning and execution across major ad platforms (G Ads, Meta, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, etc) and programmatic. You understand the interplay between brand campaigns and direct response, with a proven ability to set up and use attribution paths to optimize ad spend.


Your agency has case studies that show how you’ve worked with influencers to increase brand awareness for B2B products. You have a repeatable method for locating, pitching, negotiating, signing and coordinating influencers. Additionally, you know how to measure lift in brand awareness and product demand as a result of influencer campaigns.

Metaverse & XR

Your agency / studio is an early adopter of Metaverse and XR, and you have at least three case studies showing how you’ve taken a brand into one or more Metaverse or XR experiences. You have a process for concepting, designing, programming, and launching VR and AR experiences. We want to see how you’ve tied this investment to business outcomes, such as brand awareness or sales.

Market research

Your agency has a proven methodology to identify customer segments (ICPs, determine market size and plot unique points of differentiation and gather competitive intelligence for software, gaming and tech companies. You'll have proven methodologies to test and validate pre-launch product demand and conduct quantitative research surveys and a process for delivering this information to the brands you serve.

Web development

You are a cutting edge web development team with a proven portfolio for developing interactive and animated marketing sites. We are looking for web development agencies proficient in one or more of the following:

Low code: Webflow, Editor X

Traditional: Wordpress, PHP

JAM: Javascript + headless CMS

We’ll want to see your data modelling, QA and deployment processes, and examples of complex animations using tools such as Lottie, Rive, or Next.js.

CRM & marketing automation

Your agency has expertise setting up CRM accounts in common platforms including Hubspot, Salesforce and Sharpspring. Your agency has a proven process for mapping offline sales funnels and ensuing all lead records contain attribution from digital channels. You also have in-house expertise in mapping, writing, and implementing email automation sequences that align to each step in the sales pipeline. Or, you can instruct clients on how to achieve this.


GA4 doesn’t scare you and you have expertise in complementary marketing analytics platforms such as Hotjar, Heap, and Adobe Analytics. Your agency is an expert at setting up tag firing logic (GTM), custom events, and can generate believable attribution reports to show all digital touchpoints across the buyer journey.

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