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What do video games and mental health therapies have in common? It turns out, a lot. DeepWell DTx came to us with an innovative digital therapeutics model and needed our help launching a website as a megaphone to share their message with the world—that video games are good for you.

The opportunity

Launch with a bang

DeepWell DTx is a new tech startup harnessing the captivating nature of games to deliver powerful mental health treatments. They felt the pressure of increasingly systemic mental health concerns, and came to us to expedite the launch of a lean website that would help them start to build an audience of developers, gamers, and industry experts around their important mission.

While all audiences were important for DeepWell DTx, game developers were a specific focus for the website to gather game submissions the team could partner with.

Our Strategy

The challenge

A regulated race against crisis

This opportunity came at a time when mental health concerns were skyrocketing around the world and the FDA announced new emergency measures to approve innovative treatments. To meet it, DeepWell DTx needed to move fast and a website was a key step towards approval.

Building a site quickly was easy, but building one that would meet strict FDA guidelines at the same time was another matter—particularly without losing the balance of authentic playfulness that was necessary to build an audience of game developers.

The research

Play meets medical legalities

After speaking with the founders and game developers on the DeepWell DTx team, as well as external legal experts, we came to understand the competing needs of both developers and lawyers.

On one hand, we developed a firm grasp on medical marketing regulations. And on the other, we learned that an authentic and playful approach would resonate best with game developers. We also learned how important respected leadership is as social proof for this audience.

DeepWell Interview

The direction

Laying the path to audience

We knew regulations would limit how creative we could be in certain areas, but we took the challenge in stride. Instead of watering things down, we relied on carefully crafted headlines and abstract design to weave in a sense of playfulness for developers.

We knew regulations would limit how creative we could be in certain areas, but we took the challenge in stride. Instead of watering things down, we relied on carefully crafted headlines and abstract design to weave in a sense of playfulness for developersThe final headline “Play well. Stay well.” and the wireframe video of gameplay set a playful tone right from the start. Following with a quote from a legendary game developer and launch video from the team then formed a strong foundation to build audience.

We then confidently launched DeepWell DTx with multiple subscribe options across the website, a game submission form, and a way to get in touch. The results that followed after launch speak for themselves.

Our Solution


The results

Changing the game


conversion rate


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May Day Game Jam submissions

The direction

To developers and beyond

After launch, we built another landing page specifically for developers around an upcoming Game Jam—an international game building competition. To maximize its impact, we continued to carefully select messaging that would resonate with this audience and deliver a very targeted message.

After directing traffic from the new subscriptions and across speaking engagements to the new page, we saw significant success in the results. Over 252 game submissions were received in a short period of time at a conversion rate 136% higher than industry average. The Game Jam is off to a great start!

"The One Net team is a talented group of marketing professionals that have done a wonderful job helping DeepWell develop our brand and story. We had a complicated task of blending two very different industries to reach a new marketplace. One Net brought a concise approach and diligent execution that has allowed us to present a unified message across all of our internal and external marketing efforts. We especially appreciate that their approach remains flexible, as we come to better understand the audience we wish to reach, One Net continues to work with us to refine our positioning within a tightly regulated and rapidly expanding market space."

- Ryan Douglas, Co-CEO at DeepWell

“Nicole Sorochan and the tight team of creative pros she has assembled at One Net exemplify the reasons I have always loved working with small, nimble, tech-forward agencies. They are solving problems before we are aware of them, adhering to both the most established branding communications principles and the very latest in tech tool solutions, evolving language and messaging deployment. Our beautiful website was one of the most consistent compliments we got at the launch of our startup, and it was thanks to the commitment and competency of this team.”

- Mike Wilson, Co-CEO at DeepWell