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Investor pitches were looming imminent. Elexity needed a new name, a new look, and a website formed with a single purpose—to carve out space in the market for their unique message. We got ready to amp them up.

The opportunity

Preparing for an electric pitch

Elexity creates energy control software that works with existing building management systems and commercial thermostats. Using predictive automation, their technology creates more efficient, automated, and sustainable energy systems that reduce demand charges. And it pays for itself.

When they came to us for a new brand and website, Elexity was getting ready to raise another round of investment in their Series A. They wanted to make a good impression with a more energetic brand presence, modernized design, and a unique, compelling market message. We prepared to deliver.

Our Strategy

The challenge

Directing investor currents

Elexity knew that while seeking investment, potential investors would want to see how they were different from hundreds of other energy management tools out there.

Elexity needed to stand out. But they also needed to stand grounded in the industry—an industry where commercial building managers have no patience for any unclarity.

To add to the challenge, it was also an industry where few building managers understood the hidden problems of demand charges to begin with. We had to first make them care, and then we had to show how Elexity could help.

The research

Taking charge of the brand

The first step in our process was to deliver a full rebrand—a new name, logo, font, and color palette.

Starting with the name, we noticed that most competitors were using industry words in their name (like BuildingEQ or DemandQ) that clearly grounded them in the space. We needed a similar grounding for this impatient audience, but most domains were already taken or didn’t have enough energy.

In the end, they selected the name Elexity to replace their old name, Extensible Energy. As a made up word rooted in terms like “electricity” and “flexible” energy loads, Elexity sounded like it fit right into the industry, while still packing a punch of energy. It was also shorter, and easier to say and spell.

Next was the logo. In terms of product functionality, Elexity’s vision was unique from their competitors because they planned to expand their product to create a two-way distribution between buildings and the grid. In an effort to highlight this, they selected a logo designed to clearly represent buildings and the grid meeting in the middle with Elexity.

Lastly, in a space crowded with outdated UI, stale colors, and yawn-worthy energy, we decided to bring in a bright and energetic color palette. Combined with technical overlays and geometric patterns, they worked together to convey an intelligent building delivering a sense of control.

Our final setup for the website came from the key research that commercial building managers are heavily focused on two things—maintaining tenant comfort and saving money.

These managers often don’t understand the makeup of their energy bill, what demand charges are, or how they could even begin to reduce them. Some education would be needed.

The direction

Powering comfort and savings

With an understanding of this audience’s goals of maintaining tenant comfort and reducing their energy bills, we framed the website as a path for making the impossible possible with Elexity.

We made this message front and center in the hero of the homepage, then used an animation to explain how they could achieve it with their technology.

Then we had to make sure we clearly explained what demand charges were, how they occurred, and how Elexity could help prospects avoid them. Again, we used clear animations to explain this in a digestible, step-by-step way.

To further elevate Elexity in preparation for investment, we went beyond a modern design and clear messaging to weave social proof throughout the homepage. We used impactful statistics and emotional testimonials to bring the message home.

Lastly, to stand out from the competition, we made sure to emphasize the mission behind Elexity— grounded in sustainability.

Our Solution

The results

A shocking success

Series A

successful raise


increase in leads


site engagement rate

The moral of the story

Expanding the storyworld

A great digital experience can always be supplemented by a positive print experience. To support Elexity in future site visits and tradeshows, they later asked us to design a printable PDF case study that would clearly showcase the benefits of Elexity to their audience.

We simplified complex graphs, streamlined their story, and designed a printable resource to elevate their game in-person.