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LuxAlgo hired us for our deep experience driving customers in fin tech and our ability to create high-converting sites and campaigns.

The opportunity

The path to premium

LuxAlgo develops premium trading tools for investors with a focus on usability. They pioneered the ‘all-in-one’ indicator toolkit concept on TradingView—a cloud-based charting and social networking software for investment traders to share ideas.

As they grew to become the leader in the technical indicator space, they came to us for help redesigning their website to reflect their position as the most high-end premium trading tool on TradingView.



Invention of candlestick charts by Japanese rice trader, Munehisa Homma


Dow Theory by Charles Dow


Creation of the RSI


Tradestation platform launch


Mesa Software by John Ehlhers


Jurik Research by Mark Jurik






TradingView App Store




LuxAlgo becomes #1 most followed TradingView profile

Our Strategy

The challenge

Manifesting intangible luxury

LuxAlgo was determined to make their website look and feel as high quality as their premium products. But luxury is typically tangible—things you can touch, feel, and see. How were we going to portray this for abstract trading assets?

As LuxAlgo has a prominent presence here, they wanted to elevate themselves into family with TradingView and beyond, with a more luxurious look.

The direction

Hero animations and an overall makeover

Money makes the world go ‘round! We wanted the LuxAlgo site to create an immediate emotional impact of luxury in the hero section. In order to make the abstract trading world more tangible and high-end, we implemented a hero animation consisting of black coins descending downwards as they rotate and stack on top of each other. Different icons of tradable assets such as cryptocurrencies are seen on the coins. 

We also used “living” gradients on the site and coded them to move and change in color and opacity, helping to engage and delight the user. We utilized black to emote sophistication and elegance, along with rich purple, blue and green to further elevate the visual identity of the site.

In order to be more in-family with TradingView, we also updated the headline font across the site to Modern Era.

Our Solution

The results

Packing a luxury punch


3D assets created


reduction in CAC


high converting site

The moral of the story

Elevate the website experience—feelin’ rich

When it comes to visual identity, people do judge a book by its cover. LuxAlgo needed to make site visitors feel the luxury in their brand so the world would know their premium trading products are the best of the best.

The new animations on the site had to be rigorously tested on multiple devices and platforms to ensure they were fully functional, no matter the prospects’ hardware or software. A static or glitchy animation would not feel very sophisticated!

In the end, we were happy to bring the intangible feeling of refinement to life on LuxAlgo’s site.

“Working with One Net has been a pleasure and has helped our SAAS company take our website to the next-level we were hoping for. Very happy with the team’s help after our site’s build to help with further improvements and blowing away our expectations across the board!”

Sean Mack, Founder, LuxAlgo