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Investor pitches were looming imminent. Elexity needed a new name, a new look, and a website formed with a single purpose—to carve out space in the market for their unique message. We got ready to amp them up.

The opportunity

Not a drop, but a waterfall

Pani is a leading SaaS provider for water treatment facilities, helping them use AI to drastically improve their plant efficiency and move towards net zero water across industries—and the globe.

In order to establish themselves as a leader in software for the water treatment industry, Pani needed to upgrade their brand and website site from functional and simplistic, to bold, professional, and purpose-driven. They came to us for a brand refresh and marketing site that would drive leads by showcasing their products and incorporating a digestible, benefit-forward narrative throughout.

Our Strategy

The challenge

Bridging daily impact and big concept

While Pani’s big picture mission is to decarbonize the water treatment sector and help solve the climate crisis, that’s not exactly what’s top of mind for decision makers.

Our challenge was to naturally weave in Pani’s mission to accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable water supply, while still educating audiences on what AI-powered plants can do for them, grounding the messaging in benefits to key audiences. We had to make it clear how their software products would make day-to-day life easier—and more profitable—for key plant personas like operators and C-suite professionals.

The research

Zeroing in on plant personas

Before we dug into the story and visual identity of the new Pani brand and website, we had to know just who the story was for.

Through an in-depth audience analysis, we discovered some nuances in what made the three key personas tick, including the Innovations Directors, Plant Managers, and C-Suite decision makers. There was an opportunity to appeal to their pain points through targeted messaging around addressing inefficiencies, simplifying operations, and improving profit margins at water treatment plants.

Our research also unveiled opportunities in the wider competitive landscape waterscape. Many competitors were using long, complex copy, and gated case studies. We set out to educate potential customers on Pani’s unique process in a manner even your grandma could understand, while using social proof to back up claims. We needed to provide thorough context on how this software was good for not only day-to-day plant operations, but also the planet. 

The direction

Removing any murkiness

From a content standpoint, simplicity was the name of the game. We wanted headlines and body copy to be short and punchy—and loaded with persona-based benefits.

We personified the AI with informative overlays that were animated, showing exactly what the intelligence does. Operators used to have to make assumptions on things in the past, but now they could be more sure with full visibility into everything going on in their plant.

UI was the other visual focus that needed an overhaul. It was key to demonstrate what kinds of helpful plant information the audience could expect Pani’s software to provide. It was stylized in line with the new brand and personified AI to create a feeling of trust and cohesion.

In order to incorporate Pani’s environmental mission into the site, we peppered imagery of the planet, like shots of clean water, to create feel-good moments. This was balanced by grounding in concrete benefits like reducing trial and error, sensor faults, and unnecessary energy consumption.

To further establish Pani as a leader in the industry and not forget Pani’s decarbonization mission, we added a Decarbonization page and Resources hub for visitors interested in seeing the big picture. It functioned as a moment of celebration on the site without being the main focus for audiences more concerned with day-to-day affairs.

Our Solution

The results

A big engagement splash


more user engagement


more whitepaper downloads


increase in full page reads

The moral of the story

Show don’t tell

Saving the world is obviously friggin’ great, but when day-to-day stresses pour down on plant managers, addressing inefficiencies takes priority. AI in water treatment is also fairly new and Pani’s audiences still needed educating on what they had to gain from it.

Melding together visuals and language, we were able to show how Pani’s products work—and more importantly—how they will benefit customers. We successfully assisted in tsunami-ing Pani’s digital image from AI start-up to industry leader, in a showdown of H20-vs-C02.

“I’d like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU for all the help, from your flexibility to lightning fast responses, but especially for going above and beyond our expectations for our new site.”

- Jennifer Koide, Head of Demand Generation, Pani