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Table flipping moments. Mic drop moments. Every good product makes you feel something. So when Rasgo wanted to build community around its Data Scientists, we just had to find a way to speak their language.




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Accelerating community

Rasgo is a startup dedicated to helping Data Scientists accelerate the critical, yet mundane, pre-model preparation steps so they can get straight to data science.

To align with the launch of a big release in their product, Rasgo came to us with a short timeline for a new website. They had listened to enough Data Scientists to understand their sensitivity to marketing and asked us to help them appeal to this audience and build community around their product.

Our Strategy


Shedding light on the disillusioned

The Rasgo team had listened deeply to over one thousand Data Scientists in the early stages of building their product. Throughout this process, they learned that most Data Scientists are frustrated with existing machine learning products because they claim to manage the entire process, but don’t actually deliver.

And their biggest blind spot? Data preparation.

Our challenge was to convince this disillusioned audience that Rasgo really could help fix their data prep woes. We needed them to understand that Rasgo wasn’t pretending to do it all, but that they could help with the most painful steps in their process. And that meant copy and design would have to do some heavy lifting together.

Moodboards help us align our visuals with the message


What makes them tick?

If we wanted to convince this audience that Rasgo was different, we first needed to get in the head of a Data Scientist. Thankfully their Co-Founder, Patrick, was a Data Scientist and had done his homework.

Over multiple sessions, we sat down over Zoom and asked him direct questions around his experiences. We wanted to know everything—his table-flipping moments; his mic drop moments; what makes these guys tick.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, we now all have honorary PhDs in data science now. Patrick said so.

Whiteboard concepting session

On one call, he walked us through the steps of preparing data. After the call, we all lined up at the whiteboard and drew what we heard. Then we replayed the call recording and did it again. And again. And again. In time, they became a visual storyboard that would form the basis for our visual language across the site.

Think our sketches needed a bit of polishing? Fine. Our designers took over next.

Storyboards and visual exploration


Speaking their language

To combat the Data Scientists’ frustrations, we needed to spark emotion. We started in copy using a bold, unapologetic tone. Through emotional power statements, we conveyed a sense of knowingness and we were careful to use statements that sounded like something that someone might actually say.

Then in animation, we used color to communicate different emotional states. The orange became the fail state, the Rasgo blue represented the product, and the aqua showed the success state. Each of these colors were used at key points in animation across the site to hook the audience emotionally and convey satisfaction in the win states.

We were careful to create animations that actually represented what Rasgo does. It’s not enough to have a beautiful, abstract portrayal of what’s happening. We used shapes and story flow with intention to resonate deeply with Data Scientists and show more concretely how Rasgo is different in good ways.

We also appealed to their logical side on the product page. You can’t tell a marketing-saturated audience that something is faster, you need to show them. We broke down the timeline with and without Rasgo in extreme detail so we could build trust in the product.


Leave no page untold

Every successful brand has a good story, but a good story should never be relegated to a single page on a website.

Once we established Rasgo’s tone and visual language, we were intentional about making sure that it carried across each of the major pages of the website.

On the homepage we hooked the reader with problem-centric language and visuals. On the product page we moved into a more logical presentation with a few elements of tone and color at key moments. Then on the about page we used positive language and visually showed the win states with Rasgo.

Every page had its role in the broader story, but consistent tone and visual strategy brought it all together into a cohesive message that resonated with this specific audience.

“This is the most badass animation I have ever seen.”
Jared Parker, CEO at Rasgo
“We cannot thank you enough for all of the hard work. We’re thrilled with the outcome and all we have accomplished in such a short time. Thank you One Net!”
Alex Rossi, Chief of Staff at Rasgo
“Wow, it’s like an interactive ML experience!”
Scott Schwarzhoff, Operating Partner at Unusual Ventures (Investor)

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