Unusual Ventures website and learning center

Project launch
September 7, 2020

We're stoked to announce the launch of a fantastic web presence and online resource hub for Unusual Ventures and their impressive portfolio companies. Move over YC. Never before have we seen a VC firm so committed to educating the startup world on all aspects of growth. From fundraising to hiring the new Unusual Ventures website covers it all. Best of all the content is free and ungated and available for anyone.

When we first met Jon he had a strong vision that his new site needed to reflect a mountain full of obstacles requiring careful navigation and expert guidance. But how do you convert a mountain climbers journey into an online resource for startups and their founders? And how do you architectect a site to also showcase the portfolio, the management team and a full blown academy? Enter the hero's journey: an illustrative map of Unusual's ecosystem that puts the founder in control to make through troves of high-quality advice, resources, academy info, case studies, and sales pages all beautifully coded into a responsive website that made a few people cry : )